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1. (noun) A person so whimsically classy, they insist on dining at particular Taco Bell locations and refuse to eat any other Taco Bells.
Person A: I'm constipated. Let's go to the Taco Bell in MexicoTown so's I can loosen up.

Taco Bell Snob: Damn son, that Taco Bell sucks, their hot sauce packets are too spicy. Let's go to that other next to the hospital.
by XPizzle July 10, 2008

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The Gregolith, who derives rock-solid cognitive and physical capabilities from the secret compound Gregolithium, is a rare and endangered humanoid, typically male. Definitive characteristics include an undying affinity for Scrabble, Burger Time, going "nil" or "2 for 10" in Spades, and the reckless, yet tastefully innovative overuse of the phrase "that's what she said." The Gregolith is frequently identified by association with his humanoid relative, J-DOS, however the Gregolith is most easily identified by his signiture "gun show" routine, in which an unsuspecting mark is asked if they have tickets to the gun show, and is then summarily directed toward the nearest 2 gun shows. The Gregolith draws livelihood documenting and collecting unusually long french fries. He also earns supplementary income by NOT playing the Raffi song, "bananaphone." When not pursuing career endeavors, the Gregolith relaxes by cheering on his favorite football team, The Jets, even in the offseason.
1) Holy crap, that's a long french fry. I'll bet The Gregolith will be by any minute to take a picture. 2) Gregolith: Do you have your tickets yet? Unsuspecting bystander: To what? Gregolith: To the Gun Show! 3) The Gregolith begins pole dancing on a subway train, then claps, points, and says "Go Jets, New York!"
by XPizzle June 18, 2008

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1. (noun) A man that is allergic to shoes, and thus requires allergy shots. Also, Biff's are notorious for low-nil-card-sliding and the accompanying facial expression of contempt for their competitors.
2. (verb) When going nil in Spades, the act of sliding a low card under all other cards of a trick, while simultaneously delivering a countenance of haughty contempt.
Damn, Biff's about to make nil with his shoes on and everything. Did you see when he Biffed that last trick?
by XPizzle June 19, 2008

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