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Something a toddler says to her dad when she is too hyper to wait for an "I love you." She exclaims it BEFORE hearing an "I love you." It simply means, "I love you."
Daughter: I love you, too!
Father: K, I love you, too!
by WordJunkie798 October 15, 2010
Thank God for insurance!

Most times, insurance is just something you pay and lose money on over time... but sometimes it freakin' pays off!! (From a formerly robbed/recently reimbursed homeowner / homo-ner :D)
--Dude, my house got robbed...

--I know, but you've got homeowner's insurance! TGFI!
by WordJunkie798 November 16, 2010
When you are playing Tetris and have a mild-to-major case of Tourette's Syndrome, or involuntary spurting of cuss words, grunts, miscellaneous sound effects, etc. Usually due to a stupid keying mistake.
I was quick-dropping some sick Tetrises and Tetris pieces in general, but I accidentally pressed spacebar (quickdrop) instead of rotating the "t" piece once more... I once again went "quick-drop crazy" and wasn't accurate enough to land a tall piece in the appropriate whole. This led to a bad case of Tet-Tourette's, because my impeccable design to clear lines like crazy was ruined.
by WordJunkie798 December 29, 2010