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Slang term for Bud Light Platinum. Where Bud Light is Blight, something that causes harm or damage, Plight leads to a dangerous, difficult or otherwise unfortunate situation.
I drank a twelve pack of Plight and woke up on the bathroom floor of a Denny's in a pool my own urine.
by Woody LaJonze February 05, 2014
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This is a response to the dilemma of having to choose between Bud Light or Blight, and Bud Light Platinum or Plight. Like the fight-or-flight response, the blight-or-plight response is a physiologic reaction to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. After the initial shock due to a systematic increase in adrenaline, the response results in disgust and rejection of either beer option.
When I first walked into the liquor store I had a wicked blight-or-plight response until I realized the microbrews were hidden all the way in the back.
by Woody Lajonze February 06, 2014
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Slang term for chopsticks. This term is best utilized with a Schwarzenegger accent in a Chinese restaurant as in "GET ME DA CHOPPAS!"
Waiter: Would you like a fork?
by Woody LaJonze February 06, 2014
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A slang term for a Bud Light Lime. Despite the British connotation, the Blimey is a Mexican favorite and initiates a fiesta of sorts on the tongue.
¬°Blimey! That blimey is tasty!

by Woody LaJonze February 06, 2014
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