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After what feels like 1200 weeks in a hellish, federal prison like school, you finally have completed your examinations and it is time for the holidays. All students enjoy it; time to play games, have fun with friends and family.

But the demonic teachers say no. They want you to so-called meaningfully spend your holidays, so they obviously give a ton of this modern torture called homework.

There can be many types, but most come in essay, or Algebra form. It is most commonly used by teachers to make students spend less time on their electronics, but most overlook the side effects.

Side effects are:
(Severe cases) Depression

Also, most of the time, this is done on the last day of holiday at 2.15 am in the morning, or not done at all. If a student does the latter, the teacher will likely collect it. If the students all do the work, the teacher likely would not.
Student 1: Hey, student 2? Why are you literally online at 3 am?
Student 2: Doing holiday homework.

Student 1: Ah, same.
The next day
Teacher: alright I’m not collecting the homework today

The students:
by Wolfofepic1 September 14, 2020

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A hollow shaped object that makes a sound ‘ring’ or ‘ding’ when hit by a simple stick, sphere, or cube.

Can be either electronic or manually operated.

The bell usually is ignored by many Teachers, who consider it as not a mean of dismissal. Unlike the teacher’s opinion, the bell actually is used in school for either dismissal, or fire drills, a student pleasure.
Bell: rings

Teachers: The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.

Students: fuck my life already....
by Wolfofepic1 February 17, 2021

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A very bad disease that is usually transmitted through bad school teachers and entitled, insane parents. In severe cases, this might lead to suicide.
Unfortunately your excessive amount of homework has resulted in you getting depression, good luck.
by Wolfofepic1 September 14, 2020

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Life, or living, is the term used for a soul getting a body. Commonly misunderstood, life is very important, not to ones self, but to people around them. Just imagine if your best friend disappeared. What about your parents? No - you wouldn’t be sad, how could you be sad if you couldn’t even exist? See - life is very important. Life is a chain of many many souls dedicated to continue this chain. Think about family history. How many people dedicated their lives to raising their kids, injected with the essence of life, who will resume this cycle, and come to raise you? So understand a simple fact - people worked hard to make you. So don’t disappoint yourself or them, as you are their favourites, and nothing will change that. Don’t think about death, as it will come on it’s own. It’s inevitable. And what’s simple is that you have only an average of 60-80 years to spend with your loved ones. Those who raised you, or those that you yourself raised with your significant other. Don’t waste those years by accelerating death, just don’t. If you’re really thinking of doing so, just don’t stand there and let fate choose its course for you. Get help from hotlines, or just your loved ones. They’re going to help you, it’s not that you’re completely useless to them. Think how sad they’d be without you. Your essence. Your soul and presence. It’s because of you that they work hard. And you should appreciate that and continue on enjoying what you have. If you have issues, press on.
Man 1: i want to die.. life is just a disappointment

Man 2: please don’t, think about your family...

If you’re thinking like man 1, just get some help. Don’t resist it. Find a family member who loves you. Or just call hotlines. They’re easily searchable.
by Wolfofepic1 February 17, 2021

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Death is the only cure to the sexually transmitted disease called life. Death comes in many forms. A few of these forms include:

Liquid: Usually the cure is placed in a syringe and injected into the infected, who will be cured depending on the potency of the cure. Most bases of death in this state is potassium chloride or cyanide.

Accidental: Accidental death may be found in many stages of the life disease, thus its unstable state. Cures can result from just eating too much of something, as there is a hidden amount of Death in everything.

Solid: Death in solid forms can be divided between consumption, impact and contact.

Consumption in terms refers to something such as a pill, or a substance containing high amounts of cure. Commonly used for suicide. (Side Note, do not commit suicide. Just think of your family, you have a use in this world, it’s okay. Get help. Don’t choose the dark way.)

Impact: Basically a fall to the ground, but in this case, the ground shoots death molecules up your body from the area of impact, curing you sometimes partially or instantly.

Contact: Death in contact is when you touch something containing death, or touching something that will trigger your death molecules. Yes, everything contains a bit of death molecules.
E.g. Hydrochloric Acid

Death in terms of gaseous stage is very common. Many gases causing death are packed with lots of cure molecules.
No example here. Side note, take this with a grain of salt. Death is sinister and it is to be taken seriously. Appreciate your life, for whatever reason it may be. You have already made a big achievement and a large global contribution.

By existing.

Somebody does love you, you’ll find him or her. You live for a reason, for somebody. Don’t make them lose their chance. Just enjoy your life, as you’ll make others enjoy theirs to just with your existence.
by Wolfofepic1 February 17, 2021

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