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Incredible Warlock from the gorg. server of world of warcraft
Wow there goes Hexxor, he is so good.
by Will P. September 05, 2006

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One who is schooled at home, esp. with curricula designed to teach each individual subject. Schooling at home allows one to work at the pace necessary for that individual.

Homeschoolers are often associated and confused with the group known as nerds, or with non-sociable, sheltered individuals. While there are many homeschoolers whom would be considered nerds by most, to say that all homeschoolers are nerds or non-sociable is a hasty generalization.

In truth, looking at public schools, there are essentially the same amount of nerds and introverts. The problem of lacking social skills is not an issue of the school you choose to go to; it is simply a problem of a personality that one must work to get rid of.

A lack of social skills is unhealthy for nearly everyone. To blame this issue on the fact that someone has school at home makes the problem worse altogether, i.e., it's like dousing a house that is under no danger of burning down with gallons of water, only to realize that the house right next to it is collapsing in flames... attacking something that isn't the cause of the problem.

I, myself am homeschooled and, quite frankly, have more friends than the average public schooler (a good 70% of my friends are public-schoolers, mind you).
I know about more music (meaning many different bands) than the average public-schooler.
Among my favorite places to shop for clothes are American Eagle, Buckle, Banana Republic, Guess, Gap and Target (don't jump on my case. Target's clothes easily compare to American Eagle's, for sure).

So the stereotype condemning homeschoolers is not altogether true. I would admit that it's not absolutely unreasonable. However, I have to say again that homeschoolers are not the issue. It's nerds/introverts/sheltered people in general.

by Will P. January 29, 2007

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