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This can be achieved as a male is just about to climax while he is participating in anal or vaginal sex. As soon as he feels the "relief" comming he quickly pulls out and taps his partner on the shoulder and shoots his ecjaculate into her eye, once it hits he says "kazaam"
Important note: Kazaam is most effective while the partners are in the "doggy style" position.
Holley was pissed at Jared for giving her the "kazaam" because she couldn't see anything out of her left eye for a week
by Whoflungpoo August 14, 2006

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Verb: A buttercup is a unique way in having someone else take a whiff, or in some cases, even a taste of a fart. All that needs to be done is when you feel it comming on, you cup your hand over the exit, catch the fart, and cup it over someone's nose and mouth. In some cases, "the thrower" can smell their own to make sure that it is a "good" one.
Kyle ralphed after he had tasted Joe's buttercup.
by whoflungpoo August 17, 2006

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