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A white guy who is totally down with the brothers and has hooked up with hot black chicks. He has a lot of flavor and mad skills. White girls who like hip hop but aren't ready to date a black guy, totally dig this guy. He is not necessarily good at dancing but will get down if it puts him in a position to get some ass. This is a guy who has your back but takes no shit. He is also partial to girls with big donks.
Ghetto Chick- Who is that dope ass white boy rolling thru the hood like he owns this place???

Gangland Street Soldier- That's White BBQ, that boy is ill son!!!!
by White BBQ May 26, 2010

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Speaking differently than how you would ever sound in any other setting while at work, usually deeper and with greater voice infliction. You may think you sound distinquished but it comes across as over the top to whoever you are speaking to.
Ash- Why are you speaking on the phone to clients like that?

Mike- Dude, that's my business voice.
by White BBQ May 24, 2010

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A girl who is good enough to date for a short period of time but is not someone you would consider seeing long term.
WhiteBBQ- What's up with you and Jamie?
Birdman- I don't know man, not really feeling her like that... She's more like a gap filler.
by White BBQ August 02, 2011

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B.O.B. can be applied to anyone with a first name beginning with the letter "B" who is black out drunk. This person is no longer simply buzzed or a little wasted but full on hammered and hopefully out of control. They will most certainly have a glazed over look in their eyes and will lose motor function but definitely will not stop drinking, chain smoking, dancing and trying to get laid from people who may or may not be hot. At this point, they are too hammered to remember anything so they will be free of the shame which normally governs their lives making these drunken antics quite amusing to their cohorts.
White BBQ- Holy shit! Did you see Brad drink all that beer, , make out with that fat chick and then start dancing with his shirt off?

Dallas- Dude..... Brad is gone, that was B.O.B.
by White BBQ May 28, 2010

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