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When Drinking becomes a every night thing and buying vodka is more important than paying for gas to get to work as a cart pusher.
Anonymous- Trace you want to hangout
Trace- Cant man spent my gas money on vodka

And thats the vansickle effect
by Whitby777 April 08, 2011

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The act of deep throating someone then pulling it out and puting a oil based lubrication and quickly shoving the lubed up penis into the anal cavity of the deep throatier.
Alec- I Hung out with Courtney
Blake- What did you do?
Alec- We Gag n' lubed!
Blake- next time call me
by Whitby777 April 08, 2011

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A useless Canadian Teenager who plays call of duty and thinks Canada is the best country in the world and its even better than Chad (not true). They also think the U.K could destroy the U.S in a war without even blinking. They are normally seen around the establishment of McDonalds.
Rob- I was hanging with my pals eh. We were playing COD all day.
Trace- Sounds boring, I'd rather get drunk.
Rob- You should come to Canada because the drinking age is 19 years. It is probably the best country in the world
Joel- I have to disagree with that. the U.S. is better
Tyler- Canada lol
Rob- Shut up yo. All of you are fat American's. You all live at McDonalds.
Blake-But don't you love McDonalds?
Rob- Oh yeah, eh
Blake- You are such a Whitby
by Whitby777 April 08, 2011

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