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An exceptionally beautiful, naturally red-haired girl with piercing blue eyes and soft, fair skin. Maybe she'll have freckles, maybe she wont - either way she will blow your mind!

Looks awesome in green.
Until I was interviewed by that Celtic Princess, I had no idea how mind-blowingly gorgeous blue-eyed redheads could be.
by Papa J-Bomb July 30, 2012
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An Irishman that dresses up as a girl to seduce young boys.
Can also be done over the Internet (he still wears a dress and makeup.)
Celticprincess: Hi little boy, My names Cianna and I've got long blond hair and big breasts. Would you like to come and play with them? Bring me milk & cookies

Little boy: ooooh your sexy celticprincess. I wil tell you anything in the world you want.
by ~James~ April 04, 2008
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