A deliberate Freakout is planned. When life gets to be too much, you plan to cut loose and get wild, most often with a friend. Those who choose to participate know that things could get out of hand.
My mom has been sick lately and I can't deal with so my friend, Ben and I are planning a deliberate freakout next weekend. It's gonna get wild!
by Weird Gonzo June 21, 2022
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When someone has had an exceptionally stressful time recently, and decide to really cut loose in a way they normally wouldn't, drinking, smoking marijuana, stirring up trouble; most often with a close friend.
I've had a really hard time since I lost my Mamaw,so my best friend, Ben and I are having a deliberate Freakout tonight. It's gonna be crazy! Last time we dodged a train!!
by Weird Gonzo May 28, 2022
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