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Serial anime picked up by A.D. Vision for release in the U.S. Story of Ayato Kamina on what is essentially a journey of self-discovery through his own life, through the responsibilities he inherits due to his ability to control the Xephon, and through the semi-deity only really known as Ixtli.

One could say this anime has both shoujo and shounen parts.
RahXephon is quite possibly the finest serial anime I've had the privledge to view.
by Wedge February 24, 2004
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a bottle or can of Mountian Dew.
"I'm gunna go buy some Dewskie."
by wedge April 11, 2003
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noun. sweet sweet mary jane.
Muggles makes me so horny.
by Wedge November 16, 2003
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From RahXephon: The proper name for the mecha Kamina Ayato pilots in RahXephon until Kamina achieves Yeoteotl.
The Xephon has the ability to shoot energy arrows and create an energy barrier among other things.
by Wedge February 24, 2004
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From RahXephon: An alternate dimension in which time passes six times slower than in the outside world (i.e., one year T-J time is six years real-time). So called because the visual barrier resembles the planet Jupiter.
A Dolem has emerged from Tokyo-Jupiter
by Wedge February 24, 2004
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queer that likes to give guys wedgees
i just gave a guy a wedgee and i got a boner cause my hand was down his pants. but he kicked me in the balls and said that although, i bubba might be gay, he was not.
by wedge June 24, 2003
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being pumped up while doing somthing.
Im so stoked, i just pulled a sweet trick.
by wedge April 12, 2003
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