9 definitions by Wazzoooo

A FaJurve also known as a Fake Jewish Curve is when a non Jewish person has a curve in his pp.
I’m not jewish but I have a curve in my pp, guess I got a FaJurve
by Wazzoooo July 24, 2018
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This is an elite gang made up solely of the most sexiest, most badass Ford Explorer drivers out there. This gang is so mainstream there is even a song about them.
Whoah nelly, your part of the Ford Explorer Gang? Imma step back
by Wazzoooo November 03, 2019
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When you take steroids and it makes your pp small as shit
Bruh he takes steroids? He gotta have that roid dick
by Wazzoooo December 10, 2019
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A tik tok account that teaches peps how to do a variety of tech stuff from get online test answers, accessing the dark web, and crap ton more.
Eyo, thanks to SlatSchool, I passed my canvas physics test!
by Wazzoooo April 13, 2020
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This is a special type of bud that is only produced while on top of a booty. This bud is believed to hold special powers that could be the key to unlocking earths secrets.
dang bro, you gotta try this booty bud, this shizzle is fire
by Wazzoooo November 03, 2019
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When a Jewish person has a curve in his pp
You have a curve pp! Wow that’s called a Jewish curve
by Wazzoooo July 17, 2018
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This theory is best explained by every time you jizz you are teleported into and alternate dimension. This new dimension is just slightly different from the one you think you know. That being said, this means that you have not been in the same dimension you were born into since the day you first jerked off. Every jizz since then has teleported you into a different dimension. This theory explains why there is such thing as a Mandela Effect.
Shit dude, I just realized that the Inter Dimensional Jizz Theory is a real thing
by Wazzoooo November 20, 2019
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