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Noun or verb: vagicate, vagicated, vagicating

1. The act of a man's seminal fluids oozing out of a women's vagial opening post coitus.

2. When a man chooses to leave the social proceedings of his friends in order to accompany his girlfriend and engage in non masculine activities such as shopping or watching Sex in The City
Well, it looks as though John is gonna vagicate the festivities again to please his needy ass girlfriend that needs to find herself some damn girlfriends.
by Wayne D August 12, 2004
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- a noun used to descibe those who participate in the act of orally pleasuring the rectal cavity of there partner
That mocha mouth eats so much ass that his lips are gonna be permanently stained brown.
by Wayne D August 11, 2004
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- another word that refers to the male genitalia
- After I pulled my nutt nozzle out of her mouth, I unleashed a white messy hurricane in her face.
by Wayne D August 12, 2004
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