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Reference to strong alcohol. The Indians used this word to describe alcohol given to them by the white colonists.
Hook me up with some of that firewater, dawg.
by Wanksta March 31, 2005

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to masturbate furiously.
Yo, that nasty dude up in the bathroom is bashin' it!
by Wanksta January 29, 2003

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The best movie of this year and one of the funniest around. Cuz Scotty doesnt know.
E-Mail mutha fucka!
Dont tell scotty cuz scotty doesnt know!
by Wanksta July 12, 2004

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Crashing into a solid object face first.
He schuchardted the tree.
by wanksta December 13, 2003

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A wanksta is anyone who isn't dead or locked up in prison.
by Wanksta May 20, 2003

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The next Ja - Rule
except even gayer
by Wanksta June 12, 2003

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Last one in EVIL and is good at rico and CS. Owns me all the time.
Oh man RushJet1 got me with the decap again.
by Wanksta January 19, 2004

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