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Gay Filipino slang used as an interjection demonstrating mild disgust on the part of the speaker, especially when something too precious or sentimental is said or done in their presence.
Boyfriend: "I love you, Pumpkin. You complete me!" (Draws heart shape in the air with his fingers)
Girlfriend: "Char!"

Little Girl: Hugs a pink teddy bear.
Gay Filipino: "Char!"

In a romantic comedy, the hero says: "You make me want to be a better man."
Filipino viewers, in unison: "Char!"
by Wanjiggiboom January 28, 2020

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First person possessive pronoun, informal signifying ignoble attachment to an object deemed unworthy of general approval, esp. a political object, & employed to ridicule an opponent's ideological obsession.
"She kept harping about 'muh women's rights,' 'muh cultural appropriation,' and 'muh white male privilege' until I told her she made me want to sign up as a Republican."
by Wanjiggiboom August 05, 2019

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