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Double penitration in the anus from front and back. Making the person in the middle the meat of an anal sandwich.
George took the front and Dick took the back, so Laura was caught in the middle of the republican parties anal sandwich. Then George wipped it out and gave Laura the old dirty sanchez. MMMM, smell the old.
by WS SM March 31, 2006

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Not an important or needed word, no need to say it or any of its forms. Why did you did you waste time looking this up? Why am I wasting time writing this? Whyyyy??
If you have said any of the forms of izzle go lay in the middle of the freeway, or stop looking to stoners as role models.
by WS SM March 31, 2006

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Former dope rapper, but sadly he has smoked himself stupid. Now, a slave to money and the white man, he performs songs with artists like Justin Timberlake and Pink. WTF happened man?
N: an industry whore
Snoop Dogg went from cool to tool faster then Carson Daily.

guy1: Dude you sold your soul for cash, now your just a punk snoop dogg.
by WS SM March 31, 2006

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A way to Pwnd people by analy penetrating them, then sticking your dick in there mouth.
Boooom Headshot!!!!!
You just got straight up Pwnd on. Hows the xeS taste?
by WS SM July 20, 2006

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