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Manpoles - Slang for Men nipples.

"Manples" is another way to spell and say it.

"Chris has hairy manpoles"

"Jose loves to rub his manpoles while on certain websites"

"Anthony secretly has a third manpole"
by w1nf July 30, 2009

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W1nF is a online name made by Chris Robert.
He is known for making:
-Youtube Anime Music Videos.
-Player of online FPS games such as Battlefield 1942, BF2, and Counterstrike Source

He started making AMV's in 2005, and but started using the nickname WINF at first as an online name. He still uses it today(W1nf, WinF, and WInF)
WINF started off by meaning W.I.N.F, which stands for "Work Is Not Fun" then changed over time to suggestions with "Why I'm not working", or "Why Im Nastillally Farting" or "Why Im Nading Fruits", friends and fans give there own meaning.

He is famous for his amv's for Basshunter and Daft Punk, with some rare, and unique remixed songs.

He has an myspace artist account for downloadable remixes and recent updates.

Find him by typing W1nF on youtube or myspace.

"W1nf has uploaded a daft punk video Television Around The Technologic"

by W1nF January 28, 2008

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