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This is an institution in Fort Worth, TX. It is populated by wannabe-yuppie scum who are busy learning to be real yuppie scum. Many decadent people attend this school, but enjoy the facade that going to a "respectable" school gives them. Ted Bundy would be in heaven here. Also, some people have been forced to leave their homes when TCU decided to pay people to wreck them to the ground, that way this institution could have YET ANOTHER building for yuppie "education", even as they already have a whooooole lot of 'em. To openly insult these untouchables while living in Fort Worth is not only the epitome of "uncool" here, but also potentially harmful to you.
In Fort Worth, to submit to, obey, and appease people like those who populate the Texas Christian University campus is considered REAL REBELLION. If you don't find this scenario palatable, DON'T COME HERE. STAY AWAY. I'M WARNING YOU BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO ME.
Fort Worth is a city in Texas. It constantly competes with Dallas due to some kind of yuppie penis envy. If you live there and you are not a.) a yuppie, b.) someone studying to become a yuppie, c.) in a gang, d.) a crackhead, or b.) a suburban poser trying to be hip and gorging yourself on a strict diet of mainstream while disguised as some kind of rebel (usually designated by piercings, tattoos, and top-40 crap), you are likely to be bored and alienated here. In fact, you might experience simultaneous homicidal and suicidal ideation. I feel for you.
Fort Worth should really be called fucking Fort Worthless. I hate this boring yuppie shithole that sucks the life out of me.