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A shirt size. In the North it is referred to as "6XL" or "XXXXXXL". Named so because of the massive size of some Texans.
Guy: What size shirt do you wear?
Fat girl: Small.
Guy: Small?!
Fat girl: Texas small ;)
by Vulpes_Inculta September 26, 2012
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A really nasty, bad, bowel churning shit. The kind that burns.
Ben: Aight man I gotta shed some Satan's Tears.
Nate: Haha laters.
by Vulpes_Inculta September 28, 2012
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A city that is the embodiment of the term "fuck you".
In any other city people would ask why.
In Cedar Rapids people just say 'fuck you'.
by Vulpes_Inculta October 10, 2012
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