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A woman, usually 6' or taller, who is drop-dead gorgeous.
Coworker: Damn, son, did you see that new girl working in client services?

Other Coworker: Who?

Coworker: She's a brunette, 6' foot tall, with a wicked smile.

Other Coworker: Oh, I know who you're talking about. Yeah, she is definitely a Tall Glass of Pretty.

by Vovalicious April 14, 2009

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Office Work Player. A person who flirts with all the girls in the office.

Also, a person who has more than one office wife.
Coworker - Were you just flirting with KK?

Other Coworker - Yeah, she's hot!

Coworker - Dawg, how many office wives you got?

Other Coworker - Five, I think.

Coworker - You are such a wayer.
by Vovalicious September 04, 2008

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A person who has worked in the same company or position for so long that they no longer give a crap. The company could collapse in bankruptcy all around them, and they would just shrug their shoulders and get another cup of coffee. For some, being fired or laid-off would almost be a relief. For others, they are just marking their time until retirement.
Coworker1: Hey, did you hear about the error Brad caused that crashed the network this morning?
Coworker2: Yeah, I heard about it, Jen. Do you think it's serious enough for management to give him the axe?
Coworker1: Maybe, but I don't think he gives a crap. I just saw him earlier playing solitaire!
Coworker2: Damn Long Timer!
by Vovalicious October 06, 2009

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Someone who is so good looking that you just want to box them up, bring them home, and enjoy in the comforts of your abode.
You: "Check her out. Girl at 3 o'clock."

Me: "Damn, now that is some eye dessert. I'm going to need a to-go box for her."
by Vovalicious May 07, 2012

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