4 definitions by Vlad1Vostok

A cherry that's been inserted in a highly demanding, impatient, Gay Man's butt.
Trevor's boyfriend. "Hey Trevor! Is there anything you'd like to eat? "
Trevor. "Nothing. Butt Cherry!!"
by Vlad1Vostok May 28, 2019
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When you do a right skitter of a shit pebble dashing the toilet and when you flush it there's a tiny floater left
"Who left the bean?" ... "Sorry mate my guts are rumbling!"
by Vlad1Vostok March 8, 2019
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If a hetero man doesn't know what fanny better is he's still a virgin
Woke up this morning there was so much Fanny Batter on my dick ,it looked like a sausage from the chippy
by Vlad1Vostok April 14, 2022
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"Look at that gadgey over there. Whit a state tae let yersel' get intae ? "

"Aye , Ah Ken. He's pure dilepit."
by Vlad1Vostok May 28, 2019
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