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so ugly you have to hang a porkchop around her neck even just to get the dog to play with her.
Oh dear god she's nasty, like porkchop ugly to the maximum limit.


She looks like she climbed to the top of the ugly tree, lost her balance, and hit every branch on the way down.


her repulsiveness goes all the way to 11.
by vinnyfrye May 03, 2009

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A person who takes full advantage of the sexual playing field, I.E. they "go both ways". These individuals are generally happier and way funner to hang out with.

Benefits of such a life style are generally over looked however. In truth if you only "go one way", no matter what direction you swing, your only open to about 50% of all accessible humpage. Basically meaning that all the possible sex you could be having is cut in half. That's like someone taking half your paycheck and tossing it out a car window while driving through a black neighborhood (not racist, just saying).

drop your phony inhibitions and learn to love your fellow man...or WOman if it do please ya.
Guy 1: What’s life without a little diversity? What would a slice of prime rib be if it was not complimented by a baked n' buttered potato?
Guy 2: Huh?
Guy 1: I'm bisexual
by Vinnyfrye April 24, 2009

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