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Awkward- well "akward" is when you walk past someone you talk to ALL the time and dont say anything. Another example.
Girl- "Yea i like this guy named....jeremy..
Girl2-"Omg i know him! Brown hair, kinda longish?
Girl- Yea, yea, thats him i think!
Girl2- Yea hes super hot. Really tan, tall?
Girl-.......no, not really

Hahaha. your gonna get AIDS!

Hey...my mom has AIDS....
by Viidgaictidgaoridgaitidgaa July 31, 2009

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Pathetic,selfish, airheads who revolve their lives around their phone, and drama .People who cry if they dont get the car they wanted...some people..actually most people are lucky to get a car! Go to Africa. See what little most people have there and see what your perspective is after that. So

Someone who walks around saying presidents, celebrities, and head figures of the world are stupid.

Really...ha i want to see you get your ass up and do their job and see how stupid you are and see if you can even do a half ass job of what they do!

Oh and by the way... if their soooo stupid then how come their face is on the TV and yours isnt? Until your rich and hard working you cant talk!! Get over it.

So before you complain or judge, think! And get a CLUE!
omg. all i care about is whos gonna text me nextt!!yyyaaayy(also an example of..shallow). clueless
by Viidgaictidgaoridgaitidgaa August 10, 2009

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