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Someone who follows the christian religion , but has to tell everyone else how great their god is , and preach , and quote the bible all the time.Is often intolerrant of other's religion.
Gerry : man Fred is such an intolerrant jesusfreak !

Chloe : amen to that

Fred : did I hear someone say amen ! , does that mean you're finally going to convert to the one true religion ?!

Gerry: If your religion is so great , why do you have to force people to join ?
by Victoria Violet October 21, 2006
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The day when zombies are said to rise from the grave due to radiation,a virus ,or something else, and generally cause chaos .While most people don't beleive that this will ever happen , There are millions of web pages soley dedicated to helping people be ready for z-day.
Some people even have a z-day survival plan and treat it as seriosly as you would treat a survival plan for if there was nuclear war.
Matt : Hey Joe , do you have a plan for Z-Day ?

Joe : what's that ?

Matt : It's when the dead are gonna rise from the graves and become zombies , and there will be chaos and everyone will go crazy

Joe : okay ...I think you've allready gone crazy
by Victoria Violet October 21, 2006
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