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My Uber-sexy love bot that lurks on irc.PaintballChat.net
* Markhoff rapes pinball in his tight little boy asshole.
by Vicky April 3, 2004
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a tan you gain while driving a transit van
when on the vinylresin.tk tour they gained a transit tan
by Vicky May 23, 2004
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WTF stands for Wombat Task Force.A group of talented individuals, ranging from a mexican communist, a radical jew, and a bunch of other lovable characters. Their main goal is to bring down the Prep Dictatorship, and shove our non-sandled feet into their arse. They're bound to piss of as many snobs as possible and help out the under dogs all over school. The Wombat Task Force was almost named the Whiskey Task Force, but that idea was shot down like an american soldier in Iraq.
"Man did you hear about the kids in that WTF Party?"
"Yeah, I hear they snort coke and molest little kids."
"Bitch please, that's the other party."
"Oh yeah, they have a pretty sweet theme song."
by Vicky March 22, 2005
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Fathers of pinge punk/indie/grunge. check them out at www.vinylresin.tk
gig listings, photos and downloadable tracks available at vinylresin.tk
by Vicky May 23, 2004
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Yala, better spelt "yalla" is an Arabic word which means "come on" or urges people to hurry up.
Yalla, let's all get back to work.
Yalla, answer me....
by Vicky March 20, 2005
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someone who always say's they'll be there but either:
1. doesn't turn up, or
2. gives a vague excuse as to why they are going to not show up
Yeah man i'll be there i'll bring a load of my mates!
by Vicky May 24, 2004
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