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Semiautomatic .45 caliber handgun develpoed by John M. Browning, and manufactured by the Colt Firearms company. Adopted by the U.S. Military in 1911, and replaced by the Beretta M92F in the 80s.
I enjoy firing the Colt 1911.
by Vice January 03, 2004
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King of all badassery. Toasts hundreds of fools with his Single Action Army revolver like its nothing new. Ruins people's shit as often as he breathes. Has an arm that is controlled by Liquid Snake, a dead guy with a British accent.
"Whoa, you're such a Revolver Ocelot, I want your children!"
by Vice January 04, 2005
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Based in a council flat in lslington, joe has no fees and a progressive "no condoms" policy. If you visit, don't look for a boyfriend-y experience. Joe never takes his face out from under his sheets.
"I was thinking about visiting Joe Loner"
by VICE March 18, 2005
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you shoot a wad in her eye.
part of the Dirty Pirate
"Then, you give 'er the web-eye"
by VICE March 18, 2005
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This is a complement, to say to females.

gyal means girl
dem is a referent (as in Them, Those)
flex is the complement, like "awsome"
Its the "girl who got out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the store for more cigareettes and just grabbed whatever she could find in the dark" look. Gyal dem flex!
by VICE March 18, 2005
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