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I use it as a 'sigh' most often. Or an exclamation of helplessness or substitute for "Gawd...".

But mostly I use it in the same context as the rest of the world
eg. "Meh. I'm so damn tired..."

"I don't know what to wear 2day. Meh!"

"Meh! I'm gonna be late for work!!"

Friend - "So what time you wanna meet?"
Me - "Meh"
by Venus Envy March 31, 2006

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See "Bosé".

Similar meaning to Bosé, but is used most often to describe non-human things or the appearence of things.

Used in a similar context to the word Heavy.
"Bwoy, dem trainerz is well Flecky"

"Wha' gwan? I saw your girlfriend the ovva day, she was lookin' propa Flecky"

"My house is Fleckier than your'n"
by Venus Envy April 19, 2006

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Pronounced "Bo-zay"

An expression of positivity/affirmation. Meaning 'Good', 'cool'...anything positive really.

Not to be confused with Bo/Boh
"I went to see "Crash" yesterday. It was Bosé"

"I love sniffing my boyfriends armpits - he smells so Bosé"

"I got gang-banged last night - SO not Bosé"

"Damn, you look Bosé tonight...I could eat you alive..."

" I know fo'shiz I did Bosé on my exams..."

Etc etc, blah blah blah!

by Venus Envy April 19, 2006

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