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"The Edrik" is perfection in it's upmost level. It's impossible to become "The Edrik" but it is possible to be "The Edrik". Once you are "The Edrik" you are "The Edrik" for life even if another Edrik comes around. "The Edrik" is also commonly considered a personality trait but in reality being "The Edrik" doesn't make you a player.
"The Edrik" thinks he's a player but he's just a scrub!


Burger King's number eleven, the Double Stacker is "The Edrik" of Burger King!! It's the most amazing delicious food on the menu.
by Venuman June 16, 2010
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When two guys are dating the one with a larger penis is considered the "big deal" in the relationship.

That's the only big deal about being gay, so stop being such homophobic morons!
Edrik: You remember the movie Chuck and Larry? Do you think Chuck was the "big deal" or Larry?

Alexandra: I don't know but Chuck was the sexy fat one right?

Bella: Nah I think that was Larry?

Edrik: Whatever, it's not a big deal. But I still think Larry was the "big deal" in that relationship!
by Venuman October 19, 2011
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