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Mensch ärgere Dich nicht is a board game where each player controls 4 pieces. In order to win, each player must be able to land all their pieces in the "safe zone" where they can no longer be attacked, the first player to place their pieces in the safe zone wins.

Players during each turn roll a dice to move their pieces. In order to begin, a player must roll a 6 in order to activate one of their pieces, in order to place more pieces on the board a 6 must be rolled each time.

Players move their way around the board and are allowed to attack other players if they roll a number that lands their piece in the same spot as another player.

Commonly known amongst western European players as "the game".


This is a game where things can get heated, play at your own risk

Best played with perfect friends
Sarina: "Hey foucer, wanna play the game"
Thomas: "Dude last time we played Mensch ärgere Dich nicht you kicked my fuckin ass"
by Vastillios October 1, 2020
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When you want to make it obvious to a person you are talking or texting with to come up with something before the convo becomes shit
Sarina - "SoooOOOoOoo"
Thomas - "Dude I've been talking for the past 30 minutes, you come up with something"
by Vastillios October 1, 2020
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Ze perfect friend is the highest tier of friendship one could achieve. To call someone a perfect friend is to bestow upon them a title worthy of royalty. Please, do not use this term lightly when describing another!

You seem to feel that you can trust them with any secret be it dark or deeply emotional. They are able to give you a sense of comfort which is unparalleled by that of another person, and will at most times leave you wondering and stunned in both amazement and gratitude that you found such a person.

Ze perfect friend never seems to get boring or dull. Sure they have their off moments. But you find yourself always eagerly waiting for that next call/text/meet-up. You’ll share stories and random shit back and forth in the most casual manner.

Their humour is golden. It just seems to click in a seamless manner in which they have the uncanny ability to have you smile one second and in tears of laughter the next. Your inside jokes are one of a kind. Ze perfect friend knows where the boundaries are yet skilfully and masterfully is able to dance across these boundaries.

One thing is for certain. However you want to describe it. You and them, seem to ride the exact same wavelength. To such an extent that your typical behaviour around friends doesn’t exist around them. Where instead, you can truly express yourself as the most real version of yourself without fear or judgement. And that’s what you’ll find yourself attached to. That feeling of freedom when around them.
Thomas: “Like I hate saying this. But you are ze perfect friend people should have”
Sarina: “I honestly don’t even know what to answer rn cause this is literally so fucking beautiful
by Vastillios October 4, 2020
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