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The state of complete and total disorder for a very short time period. Sometimes this period can induce confusion, panic, fear, running in circles, and in rare cases heart attack.

Most often the term is used when someone has the will and courage to face the disorder, but it is possible to run from a holsky.

The outcome, victory or defeat, is not important. A holsky remains a holsky, no matter what the circumstance.
Stuff was flying everywhere, I couldn't find my buddies, everyone was dying, there were like 50 of them, I saw John running in a circle before he went tango uniform. Yeah, it was a holsky, alright.
by Variable November 23, 2003

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Someone who experiences extreme variations of his intelligence.
This guy is a real variable! You never know whether he's going to explain quantum physics or jump around like a monkey!
by Variable April 26, 2003

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