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(Marshall Mathers)a muilty platnuim selling rapper, born in Detroit, associated with 50 Cent, D12, Dr.Dre, Obie trice, Proof, label- Shady/aftermath/interscope. He is the best rapper not only alive but of ALL time! He speaks his mind, and does'nt care about what people think of him, and thats why i like him, and he also has really good beats and hes very funny too. All the rappers who have had beef with Eminem (Ja Rule, Benzino ect.) must be really brave because Eminem is very talented at rap battles so he will always win and they need to understand that, and he will probibally go down in history as the best rapper ever!!
Eminem wrote the song mocking bird about his daughter Hailey
by vaniece October 25, 2006

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A religon. Everyone has their own beleifs so to all the people who put bad and mean definitions for protestants they need to shut-up. Protestant follow practically the same rules as catholics.
I am a Protestant. I believe that Jesus is our savour and the son of God and that God is real.
by Vaniece June 30, 2006

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