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A rash, disease or infection that is the result of not using protection when visiting a prostitute.
Did Joey tell you about his trip to Amsterdam. Dude got himself a bit of a red light tan
by Vanburen July 31, 2013
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A person who's facial appearance reminds another person of someone whom should be a cannibal or casted in a cannibal movie. Examples: forward for head with uni brow, narrow eyes and separated teeth all together on one face,) though not a deformation of the body it is an unlucky pick of genetic selection. Only the appearance gives the impression of a cannibal. The personality and intelligence is that of any other person.
Wow that guy has serious cannibal face! He looks like he could be a cannibal.
by vanburen July 21, 2014
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The accent uneducated people of New York and greater use.
There is such thing as a New York accent, but when people push the limits using this lingo, they come off as morons.
by VanBuren October 23, 2004
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