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Applied at times of superiority, that of politics to science, which holds that when A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C, except where forbidden by law.
Consider Wilson's law as of opposite of Pareidolia, Mimicry, etc; Pattern recognition not at fault, drop hook with bait of what recon as rare thyself, hope can pull that fish up-board for: rarity spews back when measured by closed loop feedback.
by Valandstanandtomandandy December 02, 2009

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Hair which lives happily ever after.
Word on some street has it: getting cloned from unhealthy hair could prove as equally not complying to basically following same advice given to owners of Golden retrievers on how to prepare their muts for dog show judging panels.
by Valandstanandtomandandy October 23, 2009

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