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Also Abbrev. as GA

1) When a potential mate / dating prospect lives at a distance.

2) A job prospect in a location where you don't want to live.
1) e.g. I live in New York, She lives in England... she's cute, but she's completely geographically undesirable.

2) e.g. They offered me $120k for the position, but there's no chance I'm moving to French Lick, Indiana. That's way too G.A.
by urbanVirus July 15, 2006
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Taking a girl on a cheap dinner date, involving resturants that have royal names.

e.g. Burger King, Dairy Queen, etc.
I was flat broke, and she wanted to eat, so we Dined with Royalty.
by urbanVirus August 11, 2005
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A Starbucks Triangle (named loosely after the Bermuda Triangle) is any location where one can stand, throw a rock, and hit at least 3 different Starbucks locations.

The phenomena is related to the annoying over-saturation of Starbucks coffee houses in some major cities.
"We all met up by the cube sculpture at the Starbucks Triangle in Cooper Union Last night."
by UrbanVirus August 08, 2007
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