3 definitions by Urban Don

To be told or in other words "owned" or joned on or upon
Teacher: Im going to email your parents
Student: Ok tell them I said hi
Classmates: Ohhhhh Peed
Kid One: Yo Momma...
Kid Two: Yo momma so old when she farts dust comes outta her!
Everyone else: Peed!
by Urban Don March 25, 2011
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An acronym meaning "no shade, no judgement" used primarily in texts and online
Guy: "I just downloaded that new Katy Perry song"

Girl: "Wow. Nsnj"
by Urban Don November 23, 2014
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When a convertible car has its top down.

If a girl is "topless" her titties are out so you can use the same phrase to describe a car.
Guy 1: Aye, man, you wanna take a ride in my whip?

Guy 2: Yeah, but let's ride with the titties out.
by Urban Don March 14, 2015
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