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Drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers first appeared on Mothers Milk (1989) and is still with this band to this day.

He can play most of the Chilli's songs with only one hand making him a god to alot of people.

All hail Chad!
I went to Hyde Park and saw Chad Smith play and it made me wanna hit a drum really hard!
by Up-Dog January 20, 2006

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1. Someone of a deviant sexual nature

2. A Coward

3. An Insect

Always used used with an exclamation mark
1. Damn, you one big ass hammah jammah foo!

2. Man, get out the cupboard you dirty hammah jammah!

3. Arrrgh, I just got bit by one Hammah Jammah fly!
by Up-Dog January 25, 2006

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1. A small dog looking creature. May be found under a boot.
2. A word for describing a small bread roll
3. A sacred god of the sky
AHHHHH its a boot Doggal

Mmmmm...Bread Doggal

by Up-Dog January 16, 2006

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1. A Drug User who can be found dancing to James Brown and/or Eric Clapton when totally stoned/Pissed.

2. A Flash Movie Maker!
You should of seen Jack after he had that joint, he was one FunkyJunky!
by Up-Dog November 19, 2005

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