2 definitions by Unsavoury foreigner

1. Political tendency which, in the European context, sits firmly in the middle of the spectrum, without any strong political ideology. Synonymous with "middle-of-the-road". American liberals are considerably to the right of their European counterparts.

"A woolly liberal", "a wet liberal"

2. Theological tendency, synonymous with Modernist, opposite to Conservative or Fundamentalist.

3. An ill-defined term, often abusive, which provokes violent and hysterical reactions from Americans.
A woolly liberal

A wet liberal

A goddam liberal bastard
by Unsavoury foreigner February 16, 2005
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1. (Noun) Virtual mouthpiece for angry, hysterical people with no sense of grammar, spelling or moderation.

2. (Adjective)Incoherent, mis-spelled invective, generally unrelieved by actual knowledge of the subject being discussed.
1. I'm writin to this muthafuckin bulletin board cauz im angry about mr john so called kery and his muthafuckin pinko fagot democrat bastards who are thretening decent white civilizasion

2. Why do I have to read this sort of wearisome bulletin-board rubbish all the time?
by Unsavoury foreigner February 16, 2005
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