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A Micky is Irish slang for a man's penis.
Hey there bud! (Dublin accent)
Show us your micky
Jesus that's feckin' huge
I know!!

or - He had a huge Micky
by Uncle Badger May 15, 2006
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PKF stands for a PARTICULAR KIND OF FOOL. These stupid bastards can be most commonly found at conferences. They have nothing to contribute but insist on standing up and grabbing the microphone for 15 minutes and talking about themselves. They confuse asking a question with self publicizing their own pathetic lives. They generally ask three questions all in one go leading to utter confussion or none at all. The result is that the delegates and the pannel want to fucking punch their lamps out and make them eat their own liver.
PKF: Hi my name is Tamsine and I work for a charitable trust for children with no ears and I am absolutely brilliant. In addition did I mention how great I am and that I have lots of qualifications and like skittles!! Hee-Hee (annoying laugh)

Other Delegate to another: That is one hell of a PKF!
by Uncle Badger May 16, 2006
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A sexual practice where a small penny chew or piece of candy called a BLACK JACK is inserted into the anal passage and sucked out for oral stimulation and anal gratification. The black chewy sweet is placed and removed by the partner's tongue. The black colouring in the sweet leaves a black stain - hence the term black hole (as a hole is commonly know in parlance and UK slang as an Anus).
What did you do last night?
Oh nothing much, just fooled around
Oh yeah
Yeah, but I gave Robb a Black Hole
Oh wow
Yeah we went through a whole packet of them - he has a hungry bum!
by Uncle Badger May 15, 2006
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