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The noticabley lukewarm taste of beer or any other "chilled" bevages, you will notice at most Korean or other Oriental owned liquor stores. From freezing it below the temperature they should, in order to save a few dollars a day. And thus requiring the costumer to have to refrigerate his bevagerage an hour or so, AFTER he has bought it, from the lukewarm taste from the...
Prick: *Pfffff* What is this gookwarm piss?? I asked you to go buy me some beer at Yong Wong Dong Spirts. Not some shit you forgot to put in the 'fridge.

Dumb Broad: Where do you think I just got this piss from asshole!
by Uncle February 01, 2005

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An out of work male porn star out of the 80s standing about 6ft 3in with busshy long sideburns, driving a buick regal out of the 80s, and a fairly thin black mustasche that just screams dirty sanchez. but now working a Culver's resteraunt talking about dorky computer humbo jumbo. ("i be like")
hey kyle and eric! look, here comes dirty Sanchez Hasty into work with nothing but nasty and nerdy intentions.
by Uncle December 03, 2004

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When a men rests his erect penis in the crack of a lover (male or female) and him or her takes a shit causing it to smear around the penis and butt cheeks resembling the taco meat in a taco.
Nasty Hasty and Dirty Sanchez ritually do the Taco John every night before going to bed
by Uncle February 24, 2005

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A language born from the Khazars, a primative like medeval Asiatic tribe that converted to Judiasm.

It has not one word in common with Hebrew. Uses the same characters in it's alphabet for this reason. Just as similar to Hebrew as Spanish is to Swedish, since they too use the same characters in their alphabet but have not word in common with each other. See Kaizar
Jesus did not speak a word of Yiddish or quote from the Talmud once.
by Uncle September 08, 2004

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