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Really fucking good pie.
I had pumpkin pie last night. Its like masterbation for the taste buds.
by Tyler D October 15, 2006
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A Australian Navy Custom where men on a ship gather around a table, place SAO in the middle and all ejaculate around it. The last person to ejaculate must eat the sao.
Well this is a long trip anyone up for a game of Soggy Sao?
by Tyler D June 22, 2003
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Apple Juice for short. Like OJ.
Woah! This aj is the f***ing shit!!!!!!
by Tyler D February 24, 2006
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"Never fucking mind."
Gary: I love rusty spoons. The feeling of rusty spoons against my skin is almost orgasmic.
Lary: What?
Gary: Nvfm.
by Tyler D January 15, 2007
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Something me and your mom have been experiencing for ages.
I freaking love your mom. She's the best.
by Tyler D May 01, 2006
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Extremely lame, usually used on forums.

-That movie was lame/10. What a crappy story.

-That joke was lame/10.
by Tyler D May 01, 2006
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