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PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Created after a merger of Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, PWC is one of the "big four" (final four?) accounting firms. The final four are Ernst & Young, PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG.

From many accounts PWC is "The last form of slavery in the US. This is where many young people begin careers and work 115 hours a week until they either quit or die from exhaustion. Former PWC employees often have scarred backs from the whip marks."

In common with all other Professional Services Firms, PWC really have no place being defined in anything called "the Urban Dictionary". It'll just end in tears before bedtime I tell ya!
Yo ma wigga, PWC be trippin on dis Sarbanes Oxley shizzle. Tru dat.
by Tuggy March 31, 2005

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Good. The opposite of pants.

Background is the expression "hats off" used to praise something or express gratitude.
The new Jabba the Hutt scene in the re-mastered Star Wars movies is pants. But the improved film quality of Leia, as she lays half naked on Jabba's sail barge, is hats!
by Tuggy October 28, 2004

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