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the reason that we now can fill up our cars on the blood of Iraqi children
Thanks to operation world domination i can save three cents on my next fill up! Heil Bush! and Americas Third Reich!
by Tubby December 06, 2003

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lying bastard
That wonchon, he got me again.
by tubby October 29, 2003

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A boffin in year 9 at the forest school who loves algebra.
Alex Quanstrom is such a quanch
by Tubby December 01, 2003

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A highly popular anime on Toonami, but is considered over rated by true anime fans(Otakus).
Otaku:FLCL, Evangelion, and Ranma are some of the best animes
DBZ Fan:You didn't mention DBZ in there you idiot!
Otaku:Start running bitch!
by Tubby October 14, 2003

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