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Considered widely to be the most dangerous man alive, Mr. Tatham is capable of leveling entire towns with the touch of a button. Rumoured to have A-10s, Helix helicopters and Spectre Gun-ships all under his command, he is feared by even the higher powers of the West. He also possesses a frightening grasp of the atom, and his secret new Particle Cannon project has 'leaked' to local media. A dark-horse supremo, his age does nothing to hinder his considerable studdiness.
"Nationalist... patriot nationalist... Master of the atom... SCOURGE OF THE DESPERATE, OLD TYRANT, HEAR MY NAME!"
-Mr. Tatham
by Tsing Shi Tao May 02, 2004
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A Chinese artillery weapon which operates by hurling a tactical nuclear weapon over a fair distance. Generally used as a shock and awe weapon, especially to clear out quaint oriental villages in order to make way for Westernisation.
Ahhh, behold, the Bringer of Light.
by Tsing Shi Tao May 01, 2004
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Chinese general of significant power and fortitude, Class AAA, stationed currently at Base Ox, Chengdu, China. His charm more than makes up for his lack of proficiency as a general, when he uses his nuke cannon stockpiles as firework delivery systems on Chinese new year.
'The wonderous green glow'
by Tsing Shi Tao May 02, 2004
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A penitant convict on death row found religion and repented his crime. From then on, he stuck a pin in his ass everytime he sinned through thought, word or deed. When executed on the electric chair, the amount of metal embedded in him made his ass explode in a huge mushroom cloud of blood and shit.
"My goodness, that mans ass exploded."
by Tsing Shi Tao May 16, 2004
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A word screamed by psychotic priests. Most commonly heard in small Spanish towns, where the priests will carry flaming brands and refer people to the Inquisition. Also used by the gangster priests who walk around British cities, beat-boppin to their christain rap.
"Repent!!!!! For tomorrow, you die!!!!!!!!"
by Tsing Shi Tao August 07, 2004
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