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Basically the opposite of strawberry shortcake. Instead of the male ejaculating on a girls face and popping her in the nose. The female gives a blow job and than spits the semen on the guys face and punches him in the nose. The blood and semen is like the strawberry and icing on a shortcake.
So last night I was gettin head and blast in her mouth. Next thing you know she spits it all over me and socks me in the face. It looked like a fuckin reverse strawberry shortcake. I am going to kill that bitch.
by Tronixx August 19, 2007

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When one takes a bowl (ceramic/glass/plastic) fills it with warm water, preferably around 95°. Lower your testicles into the bowl. Then use a straw (preferably a silly straw) and have someone blow at a steady pace forming small bubbles that massage your scrotum/testicles. Just like a jacuzzi, hence the BALLCUZI
Yo bitch, why dont you grab a silly straw and give me a ballcuzzi, Fuck.
by Tronixx March 17, 2007

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a female that on a scale of 1 to 10 is either a 9 or a 10.
yo playa, I only fucks with nines and dimes. shiiit.
by Tronixx February 06, 2007

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