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To get completely spun on Drugs.
Yo man are you digital yet, no it will probably hit me in a 1/2 hour.

Keep It Digital
by Trizz February 03, 2005
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A thing totally incapable of all task given to them. One who is completely useless on in the work force, doing pointless tasks and talking on the phone non stop all throught the day. One who thinks they as the thing are better than you.
Manyou are Burceless, go make a phone call. I admire your bruceless effort, that you the thing put forth every day.
by Trizz September 07, 2004
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1.Adam Schwarz
Has abyone herd from the yernie?
Adam Schwarz is such a yernie?
Did you here what the yernie did last night?
by trizz March 29, 2004
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gathering your marbles together so know-one knows that you are fucked up
007and I were walking in Albany tripping our balls off and saw a mass ammount of people ahead of us so we quickly gathered our skrouples together so know one would know we were tripping
by trizz March 31, 2004
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engaging in pre-marital intercourse with an undisclosed female
Trizzle be out flippin dizzles
by Trizz December 14, 2003
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When a man is done jerking off he shoots his load up in the air and has it land directly in his belly button.
So I herd that Kenny Geagan likes to fill the belly button
by trizz April 02, 2004
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A town full of left and right handed queers.
Did you hear 007 is from German Town.
I am one happy mofo that I am not from Greman Town.
Did you here about that queer from German Town? Dude everyone from German Town is queer
by trizz March 31, 2004
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