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1) exactly what the guy below me said.

2) the way stupid assheads in fucked up MMORPGS and chat rooms type "You're" AND YES, IT HAPPENS, ALOT. and it annoys the shit outta me.
1)Dianne: You left your car keys in my clit.


2)Mandey: Dave your so awesome we had so much fun last night.


Dianne: O.O "YOU'RE"* ..runs out the door crying after throwing her computer out the window.
by Trigonometrium October 18, 2007

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A group of dudes who flirt with girls all day and does nothing else but that.
Joe: Nah, they wouldn't talk to you, they're a total Flirtnation.

William: Oh man, I wanted to ask him about his PS3 games.
by Trigonometrium October 13, 2007

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Something that stops a group cuz its important.

Dave: "Hey man why are we stopping?"

St3ve: "Oh, lesbo Jenny stopped to see the huge topless cheerleader parade with the free drinks and the Piper planes crashing on purpose to make the audience laugh over there, that's a real anchor isn't itOH MY GOD!!!" *RUNS LIKE SHIT*
by Trigonometrium October 18, 2007

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It's amusing, funny and completely FUCKING AWESOME.

Family Guy is probably the funniest thing ever created ever. not only on TV.
--example of funny parts from some chapters in Family Guy--

Peter: Hi everyone I'm Peter Griffin, you know we had a lotta' laughs tonight, but, I'll tell you whats not funny. Killin' strippers. Strippers are people too, naked people who maybe are willing to pleasure you for a price you negotiate later behind a curtain in the V.I.P room. Besides, there's no need to kill'em, 'cuz most o'them are already dead inside. G'night everyone *waves*

--other episode--
Peter: *to Lois* Hey I just got a piercing down there. I'm not gonna tell you where, but I'm gonna give you a hint.
It wasn't my nose, neither of my ears and it was one of my balls.

--other episode--

--music: dum dum, dudum--
oh this is one fine day to be nude.
-crescendo-Oh this is one fine day to be nude.
the birds are singin Clinton have a wonderful spring
and people walkin' by can stop and look at my thing,
oh this is one fine day to--

*throws an egg at clinton and runs away*

Clinton: Hahahahahah well if you can't laugh at yourself...

That one left me laughing so badly,
i woke up tomorrow with one of my balls up my nose.
by Trigonometrium September 12, 2007

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