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v. To forcibly remove concealed contraband from a fellow inmate's vagina. A violent act accompanied by a physical beating. British prison slang, derived from the term crotch.
Let's decrotch the new girl, maybe she's carrying gear.
by Tribade June 28, 2008
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n. asshole, possibly referring to how dogs sniff each other's asses in greeting. Certainly an odiferous part of the body.
A TV ad for 'Factory' shows a man explaining his manual sexual technical prowess by illustrating 'three fingers up the shiela, pinky up the sniffer and tickle the begoyna'. Heard in June 2008.
by Tribade June 27, 2008
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To crotch is to hide contraband, usually drug related, in a prison inmate's vagina. Past tense is crotched. British prison slang.
I'm gunna crotch my jellies and some H before they search me at intake, maybe they won't find it this time, yeah?
by Tribade June 28, 2008
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