61 definitions by Trevor

Not very good. Rubbish.
Are Rangers any good?

No. They're pure baws.
by Trevor July 17, 2003
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An offshoot of retard, however more in the sense of social abilities and common sense things.
JC, you are a retart. You are a Math major, yet you can't add.
by Trevor October 19, 2004
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faget fearing homo
hey look! that tall jamacan w/ the curly hair's ugly!!!
by trevor November 02, 2003
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a double edge sword is simply sword with two sharp sides, often it was used on broad swords, it is often believed of by people that broad swords are these long, straight swords, that look something like this
but that actually qualifies as a double edge sword
no example needed, the definition is self explanitory
by Trevor July 22, 2004
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When a man is having sex with a woman from behind, he grips her waist,lifts his feet and starts kicking her in the breasts.
I gave my wife a polish bike ride. now she has brusies all over her tits.
by Trevor November 12, 2004
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