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Babe1 and Babe 2, B1 being your actual Girlfriend/Boyfriend and B2 being the "other" person in your twisted life.
B1 and B2 are the 2 Ladies in my life man. I can call on em both whenever i need so "shit"
by Tragic Hero August 16, 2007

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A very high form of agrivation, usually given to you by a co-worker, boss, girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, friends, etc...
Dude, this girl I was talking to yesterday gave me such a nerve bending, kept on blabbing on about stupid shit.
by Tragic Hero June 05, 2007

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Falling asleep at work and still getting paid for it
Not only is someone working, they are getting payzzzs
by Tragic Hero June 05, 2007

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Something or someone who is stupid beyond belief, close to retarted but to call them that is an isult to retards
Dude thats fucking rowdy whackovia.
by Tragic Hero March 28, 2007

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When you have a meeting of the minds on a plan of events, everyone in a group understanding a plan of action.
Bob:We'll all meet at church, then go to the lake.
Steve: Thats housekey!
by Tragic Hero May 17, 2007

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