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Weather that changes dramatically from day to day.
dude 1--Man its hard to get used to the bipolar weather here in Kansas. Yesterday it was colder than a witch's tittie and today its nicer than hell.

dude 2--Love it today cause tomorrow itll rain.
by tony oats February 04, 2008

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when you get a boner sitting down and have to stand up and the tent would be obvious. Flip Mode is a move where you move the boner from the down/poking out postion to the up position resting between your belt and your stomach. should be done to do this in one motion so it looks like you are just standing up.
paul- I was staring at katy's legs in class today and mrs. beltson called on me to go to the board
steve- oh shit
paul- its cool I went into flip mode and did the problem
steve- yeah i have to go into flip mode 'bout three times a day. have you ever been caught?
paul- nah, i got that move down like 1st floor to basement
by Tony Oats December 21, 2006

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the seasonal blowjob you get from that fat girl from high school (that will always be in love with you) when she comes back into town for christmas, thanksgiving, etc.
mike- i saw you talking to susie all night
rob- yeah, i had to put in my time so i could get some holiday head
by Tony Oats December 18, 2006

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when you have to be removed from an area and the mode of transportation is the wheelchair. The result of drinking enough.
paul- how was your thanksgiving?
bray- allright. the family went to the chiefs/broncos game. Colin was OOC'n outrageous and got in a fight with a cop and had to leave.
paul- did he get arrested?
bray- nah, they put him in handcuffs and escoted to the parking lot in a wheelchair.
paul- Wheelchair Status on thanksgiving?!!? I bet the BabyGlove was proud.
by Tony Oats December 04, 2006

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drinking and driving to deal with the bullshit
Rob- how was work yesterday?
Mike- terrible, I labored with three new guys that didnt know shit 'bout shit. I had to get Nick Nolted on the way home.
by Tony Oats December 09, 2006

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Boob to Stomach ratio. This has to do with the proportion of the boobs sticking out farther than the stomach. Standards are dependent on preferences, but any ratio that has B bigger than S is good.
Alan- I like a 3:1, thats probably perfect for me, but I'd date a 4:2 or maybe a 3:2
Bret- last night you took home a 6:4
Alan- yeah. I double the BTS Ratio when I've been drinking
by Tony Oats May 03, 2007

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Upside down double penetration.

A girl lays on her shoulders and 2 guys penetrate her pussy and asshole.
Jackie raised her holes to the sky and rested her weight in her shoulders as tony and mike stuck their dicks in her pussy and asshole.

upi dupi isnt gay but it can get weird
by Tony Oats October 11, 2010

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